financial literacy 
can change 
your life!

Because money and finances are a topic of life. But: Money knowledge for daily life is not taught at any school or university in a practical way.

This course is the solution for all those who simply want to make better money decisions from now on. For complete beginners and seasoned professionals.

Quite simply and to the point: We want everyone to make their financial decisions confidently, securely and independently. Why is this so important? Because every individual must accept the responsibility and effects of monetary decisions independently.

"With the knowledge from this
     course, EVERYONE will find it
            easier to build a fortune."

"With the knowledge from this course, EVERYONE will find it easier to build a fortune."

The course with which you can make
safe money decisions in the future!

Learn from professionals. Simple and immediately applicable! In the future, neither a financial advisor nor salesman will be able to misrepresent crucial data with respect to costs, interests etc.! You will be able to calculate and check every offer easily and safely!

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The course

Financial competence for everyone! A course - made by professionals for everyone, whether young or old!

The course also gives you access to a clever and simple online financial calculator. You can calculate savings plans, pensions, financing, loans, returns, interest and much more step by step and in just a few minutes.

That means: 100% own, independent financial competence. Financial calculations can be that simple. Allow yourself better money decisions from now on. It works. We can guarantee that. Because many thousands of users already do it successfully.

The 100 Euro investment, 
that can pay for itself a thousand times over!

Questions that you can easily check and answer yourself in the future:
Buy, rent, lease. What does inflation mean for me? How do the smallest percentages change the performance of my
Investments? Does an offer really pay off? Are there hidden costs?

 Safety and security

You are no longer at the mercy of insurance agents and financial advisors!


You'll know immediately if your financial advisor can't calculate properly.

 Further development

You'll make better decisions in all financial matters from now on.


You use your knowledge to expose false returns on savings plans.

 Knowledge advantage

You help friends and family with their financial decisions.


In the first step, you can advise yourself on almost all questions of money.

You can easily calculate and answer
these questions after the course:

 Secure provision

How much money do I get at the beginning of my pension if I save 100 Euro per month from now on (e.g. pay in for 30 years at 4% interest = 68.537 €)

 Overvalued loans

If I take an instant loan of 5,000 Euro, how much do I pay back at the end (e.g 12 % interest, 36 months = 5.925,97 Euro)?

 Interest rates too low

What percentage interest do I need to double my money in 15 years (4.73 percent)?

 Giving money away

What's half a percent more? (e.g. for an investment 200 Euro/month, 30 years: 4.0 or 4.5 percent, difference = 12,358 Euro)

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Don't believe it.
Do the math!

Beat Hiestand
Expert in asset accumulation

Developed by Prof. Dr. Bernd W. Klöckner and
a team of successful asset accumulation experts

Dr. Bernd W. Klöckner, Professor of Finance, 42-times author, bestselling author, 
TV financial expert with over 20 million viewers and Klaus Rost, experienced portfolio manager and book author.
And many more experts on all aspects of asset accumulation.

Your Mentors

Financial competence - made easy! It was on this idea that we developed this course. The contents are easy to learn
and can help EVERYONE, young or old, make the right money decisions!

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Prof. Dr. Bernd W. Klöckner

42-times author, 17 bestsellers..

- TV studio guest with over 20 million viewers reached
- Five completed, scientific courses of study
- Doctor in Management Business
- Professor of Finance and Leadership
- One of the most successful international coaches, Speaker
- Mentors for 34 years
- Father of 5
- Resides in Berlin and Tenerife

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Klaus Rost

Insurance and financial specialist. 
Expert in wealth development.

- Initiator and advisor of the successful fox strategy
- Author of The Perfect Crime.
- Guest lecturer at an international university
- NLP master (DVNLP)
- Next Generation Entrepreneur (Dilts Strategy Group)
- Father of 3
- Resides in Franconian Switzerland

More course content for easier money decisions.
Easy to learn. Easy to use!

With the knowledge from this course, you will have it easy to uncover hidden costs, plan your future, and
and even loan sharks with seemingly attractive offers will no longer be able to lure you into their trap!
You can easily, always and everywhere re-calculate crucial decisions factors!

 Hidden costs

How much money you really cost in saving fees.

 Better finance

Pay off credit debts earlier 
and save cash.

 Double assets

Unbelievable but true - save only 50% and have twice as much money. 

 100.000 EUR more!

100.000 EUR more on your account! Because you know the right strategy.

 Buying power in old age

Why your pension in 25 years 
is only worth half.

 Assess risks

To secure you and your family correctly and according to your needs.

Are you ready for this?

Invest a 100 Euro towards your financial competence. Book the course "Financial Competence for All" and after passing the exam you will receive the official certificate from FinTechWorld!

  • Financial knowledge for your everyday life
  • Talk at eye level with financial advisors
  • Avoid expensive wrong decisions
  • Build and scale simple assets
  • Official certificate after passing the final examination